Goals and Strategies

With the TOGETHER 2025+ strategy, we aim to step up the pace, sharpen the focus of our strategic projects and follow through on implementation even more systematically. In so doing, we aim to make the future of mobility even more sustainable – for present and future generations.

With the future-oriented program TOGETHER – Strategy 2025 announced in 2016, we are seeking to make the Volkswagen Group more focused, efficient, innovative, customer-oriented and sustainable, and systematically geared toward generating profitable growth.

We at the Volkswagen Group have set ourselves the goal of continuing to excite our customers in future and meeting their diverse needs with an appealing product portfolio of impressive vehicles and forward-looking, tailor-made mobility solutions. Every day, we actively assume and exercise responsibility in relation to the environment, safety and society, and we aim to be a role model in these areas. Integrity, reliability, quality and passion thus form the basis for our work. Using this approach, we aim for technological leadership in the industry and competitive profitability, while also striving to be an excellent employer.

With the TOGETHER 2025+ Group strategy that we enhanced in 2019, we are increasing the momentum for achieving our strategic targets and sharpening our focus. To this end, the strategic vision of the Volkswagen Group was also revised. By “Shaping mobility – for generations to come”, we aim to more actively shape the future of mobility while safeguarding it sustainably – for present and future generations.

With electric drives, digital connectivity and autonomous driving, we want to make the automobile cleaner, quieter, more intelligent and safer. At the same time, our core product will become more emotive and will offer a completely new driving experience. In this way, the car can continue to be a cornerstone of sustainable, individual and affordable mobility in the future. In addition, we are committed to the Paris Agreement on climate protection and are one of the first companies in our industry to commit ourselves to becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2050. This includes our vehicles, plants and processes.

The automotive industry is being shaped particularly by the transformation to e-mobility and digitalization. We have positioned ourselves to successfully tackle this radical change: the strategies of our brands and regions as well as those of our functional areas are consistently aligned with the TOGETHER 2025+ Group strategy.

Under the umbrella of the TOGETHER 2025+ Group strategy, we have defined five central modules with which we put the focus on corporate governance, improved performance, increased brand values, software and excellence in employee management.

Our Code of Collaboration, along with our integrity and compliance program Together4Integrity (T4I), is a central pillar of the Group strategy. This Code describes how collaboration is to take place within the Group and between individuals in their day-to-day work. Its core values are encapsulated in the terms “genuine”, “straightforward”, “open-minded”, “as equals” and “united”. T4I brings together all activities relating to integrity, culture, compliance, risk management and human resources, creating a common path toward a new corporate culture.