Overall assessment of the risk and opportunity position

The Volkswagen Group’s overall risk and opportunity position results from the specific risks and opportunities shown above. We have put in place a comprehensive risk management system to ensure that these risks are controlled. The most significant risks to the Volkswagen Group across all risk categories arise from a negative trend in markets and unit sales, with regard to quality and cyber security, and from an inability to develop products in line with demand and requirements, especially in view of e-mobility and digitalization. Non-fulfillment of CO2-related requirements also constitutes a risk. The Volkswagen Group continues to be exposed to risks from the diesel issue. Negative effects, for example resulting from supply bottlenecks, may arise for 2021 if efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic are not successful in the long term. Taking into account all the information known to us at present, no risks exist which could pose a threat to the continued existence of significant Group companies or the Volkswagen Group.